Become a Model Forest

The Forest Stewards Guild Model Forest program recognizes places, people, and relationships that foster sustainable forest management and demonstrate successful silviculture.

The Guild is currently accepting pre-applications!

The basic steps to become a model forest are: 

  1. Review the program criteria.
  2. Submit a pre-application (to contact information below).
  3. The Guild will review the pre-application, and if criteria and program objectives are met, the Guild will provide a pre-application approval letter, cost of designation, and request a full application within 90 days.
  4. Submit a full application within the requested 90 day timeline.
  5. Have a field review of your forest by a minimum of three Guild professional members.
  6. The field team present their findings to the Model Forest Committee who either accept or reject the candidate forest.
  7. The forest and its manager recieves recognition and accolades of their colleagues!

Here are the documents needed to become a Model Forest:

For more information, contact Mike Lynch,