Membership and Policy Council

The Membership and Policy Council (MPC) is a 9-member representative elected body comprised of Guild professional members. The MPC supervises the development of Guild policy and position statements and the modification of our Mission and Principles, addresses issues related to membership and member services, and selects the members of the membership and nominating committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

Members of the MPC are elected for a 3-year term and may serve for up to two consecutive terms. Election is based upon the most votes received for each candidate as submitted by Professional Members. The MPC holds monthly conference calls and meets in person in conjunction with the Guild National Meetings.

View the list of 2019 MPC candidates here. Voting by Professional Members is open until December 5, 2018.

You can find our policy statements here

October 2018 update from your MPC

September 2018 update from your MPC

June 2018 update from your MPC

May 2018 update from your MPC

April 2018 update from your MPC

Current Membership and Policy Council Members

Alex Barrett
(term through 12/31/18)
Saxtons River, VT

John Gunn 
(term through 12/31/20)
Cumberland, ME

Stuart Hale
(term through 12/31/18)
Abingdon, VA

Shane Hetzler
(term through 12/31/19)
Corvallis, OR

Mark Jacobs
(term through 12/31/20)
McGregor, MN
218-330-6187 or

Nancy Patch (chair)
(term through 12/31/19)
Burlington, VT
802-524-6501 ext. 441

Robert Turner
(term through 12/31/19)
Bristol, VT

Bruce White
(term through 12/31/18)
Raleigh, NC

List current as of January 3, 2018

Read the membership and policy development guidelines here