Mora County Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update 2018

Check back here often to find info about upcoming meetings, drafts of the plan, and other ways to participate. 

Living with wildfire is a part of the living in Mora County, but how we prepare for it makes all the difference.

By building on the strengths and knowledge of the residents and professionals in the area we hope to not only make a useful plan to guide preparedness in the coming years but to also bring together stakeholders in the area with a common goal. 

The goals of the plan are:

  • Identify assets available in the community to prepare for and deal with wildfire
  • Work collaboratively with the community and stakeholders
  • Prioritize actions to advance Mora County's wildfire resilience

Also, we will:

  • Describe progress made to prepare the area for wildfire
  • Identify "Communities at risk" and determine their risk of wildfire
  • Identify the Wildland Urban Interface area in the county


Meeting Notes

First Core Team Meeting - 7-10-18



2005 Mora County Wildfire Protection Plan

Handbook for Developing a CWPP (2004)

New Mexico State Forestry CWPP Page

Guidance from New Mexico State Forestry for updating CWPPs

Communities at Risk of Wildfire in New Mexico (2017), from New Mexico State Forestry

Resources to prepare for and live with fire, from New Mexico State Forestry



For more information contact Sam Berry, sam at forestguild dot org.