Forest Stewards Guild Lake States Program

The Guild has a strong presence in the Lake States Region which includes Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Examples of regional accomplishments over time include: 

  • Development of Landscape Stewardship Plans
  • Wood Construction innovation education and policy development
  • Wisconsin Forest Practices Study and final report, 2016. 
  • Two Forest Stewards Guild Model Forests managed by the Aitkin County Land Department in Minnesota. The Cornish and Libby Model Forests have unique biodiversity features including rare ferns, salamanders, and birds, and generally have high value as wildlife habitat. These are also valueable demonstration areas for educational purposes for the general public and natural resource professionals.
  • Highlights from 2017

Landscape Stewardship Plans

Working with The Nature Conservancy and many identified stakeholders and partners, the Forest Stewards Guild developed Landscape Stewardship Plans for the Canon River and Zumbro River watersheds in Minnesota. Read more about this effort and the plans. More Landscape Stewardship Plans are on our project horizon in Minnesota.

Wood Construction Innovations and Policy

As part of a Carolyn Foundation grant, the Forest Stewards Guild worked to bring leaders in forestry and building construction together to learn about innovations in timber construction that are cost efficient, time-saving, and climate-friendly. Mass timber construction is far more carbon-neutral than other forms of tall building construction, but the market for such products is not yet developed in many areas of the country. We hosted a Wood Construction Seminar, a Policy Forum, and had many discussions with industry and policy makers, leading to national action through the Timber Innovation Act, and draft legislation in Wisconsin and Minnesota that is supported by partners hoping to see it introduced.

Wisconsin Forest Practices Study

This project to better understand economic and ecological effects of forest practices and harvesting restrictions on Wisconsin's forest resources and economy provides essential information to planners and resource managers, that they otherwise might not be able to glean. It provides everyone a more holistic view of the complexities involved in designing, adhereing to, and enforcing harvesting restrictions and related guidelines. Read more details about this project and the final report.

Highlights from 2017 and 2018

  • Zumbro and Cannon River Landscape Stewardship Plans
  • Wood Construction innovation education and policy development
  • Guild Gatherings - Lake States Regional Meeting
  • Snake River Watershed Landscape Management Plan
  • Forestry for the Birds Lake States events and program building.

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