Forest Stewards Youth Corps

The mission of the Forest Stewards Youth Corps program is to provide career training in natural resources for 16-19 year olds from forest dependent communities in New Mexico that have few employment opportunities. Since it's inception, the FSYC program has employed over 600 youth, achieved 200,000 hours of conservation service and education, awarded over 200 hours of college credit, and invested over $3 million in rural New Mexico communities. Corps members have gone on to build successful careers in natural resource management and become strong leaders in their communities.
Youth employment in conservation provides service, training, education and employment opportunities for young Americans and helps preserve, protect, and promote America’s greatest gift - our public lands. Youth corps programs like the Forest Stewards Corps change lives by providing critical opportunities, training, employment, and life skills to low income and disadvantaged youth just entering the work force. 
In 2017, the Guild employed 35 youth on six different Ranger Districts across Northern New Mexico. The crews are working to: 
  • Protect and restore public lands and waters, and natural, cultural, and historical resources. 
  • Increase public access while promoting local economies and outdoor recreation.
  • Perform noxious weed removal on USFS land
  • Build or repair fencing to protect natural and historical resources
  • Build and maintain public recreation trails
  • Create resilient landscapes and fire adapted communities
  • Improve facilities, wells, and cattle guards
  • Restore riparian areas in key watersheds
  • Install wildlife-friendly fencing and restore endangered species habitat
The FSYC program develops a new generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, and future community leaders. You can help us change more lives and provide more opportunity for young people by supporting the Forest Youth Stewards Corps program.

The Forest Stewards Guild would like to thank all of our 2017 sponsers, funders, and supporters!

Press: KSFR 101.1, Julian Paras, Forest Stewards Guild Trains Area Teens in Resource Management
Important information for the 2017 FSYC season. Emergency Contacts, What to Expect, and Gear

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