National Forest Foundation: 2016 Barrett Foundation Challenge Offers $100,000 Award

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) has announced the 2016 Barrett Foundation Business Concept Challenge to foster innovation in natural resource management. This unique competition is open to representatives from for-profit and nonprofit organizations, tribal entities, businesses, individuals and students, staff, or faculty at nationally accredited colleges and universities. 

2015 Southwest fire season

Fewer acres burned in wildfire in the Southwest in 2015 than the average for the preceding decade and most of the area burned at low severity. The snowpack from the 2014/2015 winter was below normal, but the El Niño pattern combined with other factors to drive a moist spring and minimize windy and dry conditions. Prescribed fires covered 120,066 acres or 37% of the total acres burned in 2015, the highest percentage of acres burned in the Southwest since 2003.

Bottomland Hardwood Forest Management

Bottomland hardwood forests are critically important to biodiversity, wildlife, carbon storage, recreation, and clean water in the Southeastern U.S. Unfortunately, these forests are exceptionally threatened by land conversion, invasive species, raising temperatures, more frequent intense storms, and altered hydrology. The Forest Stewards Guild's new report, Ecological Forestry Practices for Bottomland Hardwood Forests of the Southeastern U.S., combines scientific knowledge with boots-on-the-ground experience to produce meaningful, solution-oriented tools that can help improve the stewardship of this resource. This work would not have been possible without the members of our bottomland hardwoods working group, field forum participants, and reviewers.

Guild Completes Study on Forest Harvest Restrictions

On March 29th, the Forest Stewards Guild presented our final report to the Wisconsin Council on Forestry for our research report Economic and Ecological Effects of Forest Practices and Harvesting Constraints on Wisconsin’s Forest Resources and Economy. The report was a component of the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study.

Annual report 2015

2015 was an important and memorable year for the Guild and we want to use this opportunity to share some of our highlights with you in our 2015 Annual Report. Our Board of Directors, our Membership and Policy Council, and our active members all share the goals of seeing the Guild grow and become more effective at achieving our mission. In 2015, we made some important and necessary investments to make that possible. We are fortunate to have a very talented program staff who lead our work across the country. In addition, almost every project we take on is successful in large part because of the collaboration of our members and our many partners. Read more about our projects in the 2015 Annual Report.

Forest Climate Working Group

The Forest Climate Working Group has just released an important set of tools and recommendations for using the power of our forests in the effort to counter climate change. The Guild is a partner in the Working Group, and together with our partners we’ll be reaching out to our members and colleagues to put these tools in the hands of policy makers in states throughout the U.S.    

Successful Solutions for Reducing Wildfire Risk

Each year wildfires damage homes, businesses, communities, watersheds, and forests on millions of acres across the U.S. However there are effective ways to reduce the impact of wildfire. A new report, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wildfire Mitigation Activities in the Wildland-Urban Interface, shares lessons learned from communities across New Mexico. Read a summary here.

The Forest Stewards Guild

Welcome back to The Forest Stewards Guild. In July, the Forest Guild Board of Directors formally restored the name we operated under as a membership organization from 1996 to 2004. Restoring our original name highlights the unique niche that so many of our professional members fill as stewards of some of the finest forests in North America. It’s an extra word that means a lot. With a new name and look, we’re honoring our traditions while looking forward to challenges and growth in our 20th year. Thank you for for all you do for forests, and for supporting the Forest Stewards Guild.

Watershed Restoration Workshops, August 15 and 29 Dixon, NM

Dixon, NM— The New Mexico State Land Office (NM SLO) and Forest Stewards Guild have partnered to implement several unique and innovative land restoration initiatives in the Rio de las Trampas and Lower Embudo Watersheds between Picuris Pueblo and Dixon. Their work is in response to ongoing accelerated soil loss and the growing threat of wildfire to forests and woodlands.

Forest Stewards Guild Position Statement on Maine Forest Policy

Recent legislative and budgetary proposals Maine have the collective potential to significantly impact Maine's forests.  Spurred by many of our Maine members, the Forest Stewards Guild is taking a public position on these important issues. Click here to read the Forest Stewards Guild's new position statement and position summary.  


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