Forest Stewards Guild study of harvest constraints in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s 16 million acres of forestland are crucial to the well-being and wealth of all Wisconsin citizens. In 2012, the Wisconsin forestry and forest products industry directly added $23 billion to the state’s economy. Other forest benefits such as recreation, hunting, fishing, and clean water also have a large (if more difficult to measure) economic impact. Because forests and forestry provide benefits to many different stakeholders, any effort to enhance one benefit may limit other benefits.

A Year to be Thankful: Forest Stewards Guild Annual Report

Throughout the seasons and the changes of 2014, the Forest Guild has actively advanced forest stewardship across the forest landscape. As the year’s end approaches, we would like to pause and share the highlights of a busy year and offer thanks to our many members, supporters, and active partners who have made our successes possible. Our annual report has a brief updates from across the country. Read it here.

New Forest Stewards Guild Executive Director: Fred Clark

The Forest Guild is pleased to announce that, after a extensive nation-wide search, the Board of Directors selected Fred Clark to lead the Guild to grow in new and exciting ways in the coming years. Fred comes to the position as a long-time Forest Guild member and a career natural resource professional. In a career spanning over 30 years, Fred has worked as an arborist, a forest ecologist, a consulting forester and forestry contractor and, most recently as a three-term representative to the Wisconsin State Assembly As the Wisconsin Chief State Forester, stated: "Fred Clark has the integrity, passion, energy, dedication, thoughtfulness and drive to lead the Guild in its quest to expand the practice of ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry."

Position Statement on the Endangered Species Listing of the Northern Long-Eared Bat

The Lake States members of the Forest Guild have worked with the Membership and Policy Council to write a position statement on the Northern Long-Eared Bat (NLEB). The statement supports the application of the ESA to protect rare species in general and recognizes the need for NLEB conservation action. However, members are concerned that potential forest management restrictions resulting from the listing will have negative impacts on forest managers’ ability to manage forests responsibly, and on local forest dependent communities that will outweigh the protection afforded to NLEB under the ESA.  The Forest Guild is committed to promote and implement forestry practices that enhance NLEB habitat in our region, to maintain populations in the face of WNS and beyond. Please read the whole statement.

State of Forests and Forestry in western Maine and northern NH

The Forest Guild produced a report for the Northern Forest Investment Initiative on the state of forests, forestry, and forest-dependent communities in the Androscoggin Valley-Mahoosuc Region of western Maine and northern New Hampshire.  The report combines interview material with data to capture the major influences on the forest and rural communities in the region. The Northern Forest Investment Initiative is a collaboration of organizations working to increase investment in the forest-based economy and communities in rural New England and New York. 

Bat-Friendly Forestry Workshop

Join Dovetail Partners and Forest Guild members to learn about bat-friendly forestry in Minnesota. On October 30th, researchers will present information about what is known about forest-dwelling bats in the state, current research needs, and the status of the listing process for the Northern Long-Eared Bat (NLEB). On October 31st, a field tour will be held that will include visiting forest management treatment sites to review "bat-friendly forestry" activities and discuss alternatives for protecting bat habitat needs. Register here.

Prescribed Burn Planned for North of Black Lake, New Mexico on State Land Office Managed Lands

Santa Fe, NM—The Forest Stewards Guild and the New Mexico State Land Office are preparing for a prescribed burn from
September 29 – October 5 of ponderosa pine and dry mixed conifer forests north of Black Lake, New Mexico on State Land Office managed lands. The 900-acre project will restore the health of the Upper Coyote Creek watershed by reducing the risk of large high intensity wildfires. The area is to be broadcast burned and has already been thinned and heavy fuels have been removed.

North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange

The Forest Stewards Guild is part of a new project to increase knowledge about fire and its ecological role to the Northeast. Since 2009, the Forest Stewards Guild has been working with partners in the Southwest to put relevant fire science into the hands of practitioners. Now, with support from the Joint Fire Sciences Program, the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE) will do the same in the Northeast.

Regional Forester Visits Forest Stewards Guild Youth Corps

Regional Forester Cal Joyner of the USDA Forest Service Region 3 on a field visit with the Forest Guild’s Youth Corps, Mountainair NM.

Regional Forester Cal Joyner spent a day visiting and working with the Mountainair Forest Guild Youth Corps crew on the Mountainair Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest. The Forest Guild Youth Corps have maintained a summer youth crew of 16-19 year olds on the Mountainair Ranger District for over 15 years (learn more here). The photo on the right shows them in the 2007 Ojo Peak Fire burned area clearing access to a trailhead and mitigating erosion on an old access route using downed logs. The next step is to key-in the woody debris so that it can catch sediment and limit erosion in the burned area. 

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