Organizational Sponsorships

Forest Stewards Guild - Together, we will keep putting the forest first

Our members throughout North America work in all aspects of forest conservation and stewardship – from mission-driven organizations, private businesses, and government, to academia. We are now offering opportunities for your organization to support the Guild directly through an organizational sponsorship.

Your support will build our capacity to serve members and provide essential services and outreach to fulfill our mission of promoting sustainable forestry and conserving valuable forests.

As an Organizational Sponsor, you are assured of good company! Our sponsors include businesses and organizations that align with our mission and principles. Your organization will benefit from connections with kindred spirits who care deeply about our work.

As an Organizational Sponsor, you will be recognized in our annual report, on our website, and in our newsletters.

For more information about Organizational Sponsorships, please call Zander at (505) 983-8992 x36 or email us at  The Forest Stewards Guild community is grateful for the support of our current Organizational Sponsors.