Fred Clark
Executive Director
Mike Lynch
Great Lakes Project Coordinator
Nick Biemiller
Southeast Region Coordinator
Amanda Mahaffey
Northeast Region Director
Esmé Cadiente
Southwest Program Assistant
Matt Piccarello
Community Forestry Coordinator
Zander Evans
Director of Science and Programs
Deb Saeger
Director of Finance and Administration
Linwood Gill
California Regional Coordinator
Amy Zimmerman
Development Coordinator
Eytan Krasilovsky
Southwest Region Director

Fred Clark is the Executive Director of the Forest Stewards Guild and has been a professional member of the Guild since 1998. He holds a BS in Horticulture and Forestry from Michigan State University, and an MS in Forest Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In over 25 years as a natural resource professional he has served as a forest ecologist, a WDNR Service Forester, and the owner and principle of a forestry consulting and contracting business. Fred served on the Wisconsin Council on Forestry from 2004 until 2014, and served three terms as a Representative to the Wisconsin State Assembly from 2009 – 2014. Fred and his wife Kerry live in Madison, Wisconsin. He enjoys hunting, sailing and most things outdoors, and his spare time he owns a specialty hardwood and furniture business. He joined the Guild as Executive Director in November 2014. Fred can be reached in the Madison, WI office at 608-286-0240.

Nick Biemiller is the Southeast Regional Coordinator for the Guild and has been a professional member since 2013. He holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Forestry from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC and is currently a Master of Forestry candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. In addition to working on projects with the Guild, Nick has worked as a field forester in North Carolina engaging family forest landowners in forest management activities and ecological restoration. He is primarily interested in domestic community-based forestry issues and the implementation of ecological forestry systems. He is particularly interested in developing innovative methods of reaching more family forest landowners and accomplishing landscape-level conservation and forestry goals in the highly fragmented and parcelized landscape of the eastern United States. Nick can be reached at 631-456-1698 or  

Esmé Cadiente is the Southwest Program Assistant for the Forest Stewards Guild. Esmé works to improve forest health through addressing wildfire on a fireshed scale in a pro-active, collaborative approach to improve the health and long-term resilience of our forests and communities. Esmé is involved in projects that mitigate the effects of wildfire in the wildland urban interface, assist high risk communities become more prepared for wildfire, and use fire strategically as a tool for land management. Esmé also works to increase science communication to the public through outreach materials, website design, verbal communication and photography to allow for a broad range of audiences to understand and engage in their natural world. Esmé holds an M.S. in Ecohydrological Science and Management from the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID, and a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Her past and on-going work has emphasized the mixed use of watershed and fireshed landscapes and the coupling between human and natural systems to manage forest and water resources at the landscape to regional scale. Esmé’s past research and education examine the interface between hydrologic and riparian systems and the ecological role of fire in forested watersheds for the purpose of maintaining forest health and ecological resilience in a changing world. Esmé is a frequent traveler and photographer, and lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband and their dog. Esmé can be reached at 505.470.0032 or  
Zander Evans is the Director of Science and Programs at the Forest Stewards Guild. He directs and conducts research published in numerous peer-review journals and management oriented reports to support on-the-ground implementation of ecological forestry. His current research includes the effectiveness of fuels treatment and sustainability of forest bioenergy. Zander is involved in local collaborative efforts to improve forest management as board member on of Southwest Fire Science Consortium. He received his PhD from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies after working as a cartographer and spatial analyst with the US Geological Survey. Zander can be reached in the Santa Fe, NM office at 505-983-8992 ext. 36. To see Zander's publications please click here.  

Linwood Gill is the California Region Coordinator for the Forest Stewards Guild. Linwood can be reached 707-961-0377, on his mobile at 707.357.0324 or at  

Eytan Krasilovsky is the Southwest Director at the Forest Stewards Guild. The Southwest program continues the legacy started by the Forest Trust in 1984 to practice and promote excellence in stewardship by building a sustainable forest-based economy, developing future forestry leaders, practicing ecological forest restoration, and training and educating fire and forest workers and landowners. Eytan develops, funds, and implements projects, to support these goals. The Southwest program currently works on landscape-scale restoration, youth education and training, wildland firefighter training, and effectiveness monitoring. Eytan is involved in several local collaborative efforts to improve forest management and serves on a wildland-urban interface risk reduction grant review panel. He received his Master degree from the University of Pennsylvania after working as a field archaeologist in the Northeast and a fire effects monitor and wildland firefighter with the National Park Service. Eytan can be reached in the Santa Fe, NM office at 505-983-8992 ext. 16 or on his mobile at 505-470-0185.  
Michael Lynch is the Lake States Coordinator for the Forest Stewards Guild. He focuses on regional research needs, collaboration opportunities, and natural resource planning at a landscape-scale. Michael has specialized experience developing integrated solutions to balance the multifaceted ecological, economic, and social needs of the Lake State’s forest resources. Michael holds a BA from Gustavus Adolphus College with majors in Biology and Environmental Studies and an MS in Biological Integration from the University of Minnesota. Prior to working for the Forest Stewards Guild, Michael worked with the Wisconsin DNR, Minnesota Forest Resources Council/Minnesota DNR, Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association, and USDA Forest Service. Michael resides outside Mankato, Minnesota, with his wife, son, two dogs, and small flock of chickens. Michael spends his time away from Guild activities engaged in a variety of outdoor pursuits in addition to operating a family-farm. Mike can be reached in the  Mankato, MN office at 608.449.0647. 
Amanda Mahaffey is the Northeast Region Director at the Forest Stewards Guild. She holds a BA and Master of Forestry from Yale University and a Master of Music from the University of Southern Maine. She has over a decade's worth of experience in forestry and environmental management, including industrial forest management, wetland delineation, timberland transactions, woodland owner outreach, and regional conservation partnership coordination. She joined the Guild as a student member and served on the Membership Committee and Board of Directors before joining staff as Northeast Region Director in 2012. In her spare time, Amanda conducts a high school choir, donates blood, and, of course, gets out in the woods as much as possible, often with her dogs, Maya and Cano. Amanda can be reached in the Freeport, ME office at 207-432-3701.
Matt Piccarello is the Southwest Community Forestry Coordinator for the Forest Stewards Guild. Matt manages monitoring efforts for the Guild’s various forest restoration projects, engages local partners in Fire Adapted Communities initiatives, and supports community forestry in New Mexico. Matt has a background in environmental education and also helps to manage the Guild’s Youth Conservation Corps program. Before moving to New Mexico, Matt lived in Oregon where he was a trail crew leader for Northwest Youth Corps. In 2012, Matt received a fellowship to travel to Nepal and study their system of community forestry. Matt earned Master degrees in Community and Regional Planning and Water Resources from the University of New Mexico. When not working for the Guild, Matt enjoys running and road biking in New Mexico’s mountains and spending time with his wife Carly and two dogs Gila Monster and Dexter. Matt can be reached in the Santa Fe, NM office at 505-983-8992 ext. 14 or on his mobile at 505-470-9725.  

Deb Saeger is the Director of Finance and Administration for the Forest Stewards Guild. Deb can be reached in the Madison, WI office at 608.333.0551 or  

Amy Zimmerman is the Development Coordinator for the Forest Stewards Guild. Amy can be reached in the Madison, WI office at 608.333.0554 or