Zander Evans, Guild Executive Director as of October 1, 2017

Zander Evans is now Executive Director of the Forest Stewards Guild. His work is building on that of the recent Executive Director, Fred Clark. Fred, in turn, is Senior Forester and remains actively involved with the Guild, particularly in our Lake States programs.

Zander couldn’t be more willing and capable for the job. Zander has worked for the Guild for eleven years, as Research Director and more recently as Director of Science and Programs. During this time, he has helped establish the Guild’s reputation for results-oriented research, science synthesis, and practical application of that new knowledge through innovative, community-based, sustainable forest management projects. Zander is a leader in the forestry community and sits on the boards of the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition, and the USDA Forestry Research Advisory Council. Just as importantly, his work has always reflected the overarching philosophy of the Forest Stewards Guild to put the forest first.

In his words, Zander looks forward to “…fostering the Guild’s compelling, long-term vision for ecological forestry as a solution to ecological and economic challenges facing the country.” He is convinced that the Guild has a bigger role to play in forestry and society at large than we currently fill. He sees tremendous opportunity for the Guild to lead in areas such as: creating fire-adapted communities; supporting women natural resource professionals and landowners; using reforestation to solve national carbon, restoration, and economic problems; demonstrating new economic models based on the true value of ecosystem services; fostering the next generation of diverse environmental leaders; and promoting ecological forestry as crucial to conservation in a changing world.

While Zander thinks big, he still tends to the details that keep the organization healthy and grounded each day. He is committed to supporting members and their work. Zander is always eager to get out in the woods and learn from their experience and discuss the challenges of forest conservation. He brings an unmatched wealth of expertise, leadership ability, and commitment to ecological forestry.

Members can look forward to the continuation of Guild’s vision and tradition and to being part of a new chapter in Guild history, and sustainable forestry’s future.

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