Fireshed Awareness Spring Seminar Series

The second Spring Seminar Series is here, to explore topics affecting the greater Santa Fe Fireshed in New Mexico. Last winter was a sobering reminder of rising temperatures and drought. With the specter of longer and more intense fire seasons, it is urgent now more than ever to take concerted action to protect our forests, homes and watersheds. Participate in Fireshed Awareness Season to learn more.

Seminars are every other Wednesday, on the dates below, at REI Sante Fe
500 Market St Ste 100, Santa Fe, NM 87501
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April 4
NEPA Demystified: Understanding the Framework for Analyzing Forest Restoration Projects

April 18
Smoke impacts: wildfire vs. controlled fire & how to reduce smoke impacts in your home

May 2
Post Wildfire Flooding: Think Ahead of the Fire

Saturday, May 5
National Wildfire Community Preparendness Day (click for more details about this event)