Welcome the Guild's new Deputy Directors

Written by Zander Evans, Executive Director, Forest Stewards Guild.

The Forest Stewards Guild staff is growing. With that growth, we are making some thoughtful changes to our organization to ensure we have a sound structure in which to grow. I am excited to announce that Amanda Mahaffey and Eytan Krasilovsky will be taking on new roles as Deputy Directors. As Deputy Directors, they will be able to support our programs, our membership, and provide leadership at the national level. Both Eytan and Amanda will continue to guide local programs and will supervise Guild staff who will take on some of their project work.

Amanda has been the Guild’s Northeast Region Director since 2012 and her seemingly endless enthusiasm has engaged members and partners through the region. Though Amanda is based in Maine, she led the Guild work in the Southeast until we were able to bring on Nick Biemiller, the Southeast Coordinator. Amanda’s passion and hard work have helped expand the Guild’s engagement in national programs focused on Women Owning Woodlands and Foresters for the Birds. Anyone who has met Amanda knows what a get asset she is to the Guild and how much she has to offer across the country.

As the Guild’s Southwest Director, Eytan Krasilovsky has expanded the Guild’s work with youth through the Forest Stewards Youth Corps and on-the-ground forest restoration projects in ponderosa pine, mixed conifer, and piñon-juniper forests. Eytan’s promotion to Deputy Director recognizes his national leadership in fostering fire adapted communities. Eytan’s vision has been a driving force behind the Guild’s expanding prescribed fire program. His commitment to connecting communities with forests resonates everywhere the Guild works.

In the coming months, you may notice some changes to titles of other staff, as well as new faces and names in our regional offices. For instance, our fire program is growing rapidly from its base in the new Intermountain West office in Loveland, Colorado. As we grow, we look forward to building new partnerships and finding new ways to achieve our mission of ecological forestry from coast to coast.

This an exciting time for the Forest Stewards Guild! We thank you for your support as we thoughtfully expand our reach as an organization. As always, we are committed to working with you to put the forest first.