Forest Stewards Guild Programs

The Forest Stewards Guild programs are all focused on our vision to establish forestry that is ecologically, economically, and socially responsible as the standard for professional forest management, from coast to coast. To achieve this long term goal, the Guild engages in education, training, policy analysis, research, and advocacy to foster excellence in stewardship, support practicing foresters and allied professionals, and engage a broader community in the challenges of forest conservation and management.

The Model Forest Program promotes and demonstrates excellence in stewardship through properties that are managed in ways that exemplify the Guild's mission and principles.

The Ecological Forestry Initiative brings together scientific research, management tools, networks of other ecological organizations, and the shared professional wisdom of many Guild foresters.

Community Forestry includes business assistance, support to the growing forest restoration sector, forestry training for youth, and research that leads to public policy that supports forest dependent communities in the long-term.

Climate Change, Carbon, and Forestry involves research and policy to promote the protection and management of forests as part of the solution to climate change. We feel that ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry can increase forest resistance, resilience, and adaptation to climate change, while also sequestering CO2.

Woody Biomass from Forests highlights successful strategies for biomass removal and develops guidelines for biomass removal that protects all forest values.

Public Policy is aimed at improving the effectiveness of forestry regulations and laws in encouraging and ensuring excellent forestry by educating policy makers, advocacy groups, and the public on practical aspects of forestry.

Conservation Lands includes support for Guild members' work on establishing conservation easements, assisting conservation groups in their land management, and advocating for working forest conservation easements that protect forests and sustain communities.

Research supports the Guild's mission by synthesizing and conducting science relevant to other Guild programs.

Forest Stewards Guild Youth Conservation Corps Many employers say it is difficult to find experienced local help, particularly in natural resource management. In response, the Forest Stewards Guild sponsors a youth corps program in New Mexico each summer to train local youth in forestry work. The Forest Stewards Guild Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) works in partnership with all five of New Mexico's national forests.