Forest Stewards Guild Regions

The Forest Stewards Guild is a national organization with strong roots in local communities across the country. The Guild's region efforts tackle issues and challenges specific to each region and bring together members from that area. Currently, the Guild has region directors in the Northeast and Southwest. In New England there are state coordinators as well as region coordinators in Southeast and Pacific Northwest. Over the coming years, the Guild plans to establish additional regional staff positions around the country, funding permitting, to better promote excellent forestry and serve our members and partners. Priority regions are the Southeast, Great Lakes, and Pacific Northwest.

Meetings and field tours often happen at the regional level and are listed on our Calendar of Events. Since excellent forestry is different in each ecoregion, the Guild’s guides to ecological forestry—syntheses of science and place-based experience—are broken out by region and forest type. As demonstrations of excellent forestry, the Guild has Model Forests across the country.